Sunday, December 30, 2012

Favorites of 2012

I don't think I really have a lot of favorites for the whole year- mostly because I spent much of the year buying new things and switching things out. There were a few things, though, that I have loved for more than one month.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Lime Crime Velvetines swatches

I recently got Lime Crime's Velvetines, a liquid lipstick. I like these and I just could not get the pictures to look half as good as they looked in person, especially Red Velvet (It does require more than one application to get the best look with Red Velvet). The swatch on Lime Crime's site is an accurate representation of what it looks like. My pic of Suedeberry is pretty close to what it looks like.

They are incredibly long lasting. I've been wearing Red Velvet all morning while drinking soda and it's still there with minimal transfer to the can. Suedeberry was the first one I swatched and it did not wipe off with a napkin like a lipstick would. It tried both a makeup remover wipe (I used Simple wipes) on one lip and an eye makeup remover (I used Sonia Kashuk makeup remover) on the other. The eye makeup remover worked best and I had to scrub a little with the wipes.

There are a few downsides to the Velvetines, though. It sets fairly quickly, making it hard to fix any mistakes in application. I also found them to be pretty drying, though they did not make my lips look dry while wearing them. Once you start removing these, they get incredibly messy... I ended up with lipstick all over as I tried to wipe it off.

Overall, I like these. Despite what my poor picture shows, Red Velvet is so pretty. Suedeberry is also nice and would be good for every day.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Skylark Snowkissed Cashmere Eyeshadow Palette swatches

I recently got the Skylark by Elle and Blair Fowler Snowkissed Cashmere Eyeshadow Palette. It's available at My favorite from this palette is Ember.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wet n Wild Drinking a Glass of Shine 8 pan palette

I'm disappointed in this palette. When I bought it, I didn't realize it was a new name on an old product- the I ♥ Matte palette that was released earlier in the year. I already have that one and did swatches for it, so I didn't open Drinking a Glass of Shine.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Trying Out Pintrest: Drying nails with PAM

So, I'm totally addicted to Pintrest. I spend more time that I should looking through all the projects, recipes, and DIY things... it makes me feel more crafty than I am. (My Pintrest if you are interested.)

I found a quick dry nail trick pin that said you could use PAM cooking spray to dry your nail polish instantly. I pinned it a while ago and kind of forgot about it because I haven't worn a lot of nail polish lately. But last night, probably around 9:30, I decided that I really wanted to paint my nails. It seemed like a perfect opportunity to try one of the quick dry options I had found.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Some new things

I got the last of the things that I bought this year. I've committed to not buying anything unnecessary for the next two months at least, so this is the last haul for a while.

 Gel Haute Polish kit from
I found a coupon from Lucky Magazine that made the kit $39.99 (there was $11 or so in shipping, though). It's an old one but it worked for me at the end of November, so it may still work. Originally, I bought this for a present but I found a drugstore one for that, so I decided to keep this one.

Lime Crime Velvetines in Red Velvet and Suedeberry
Skylark Snowkissed Cashmere Eye Shadow Palette

Monday, December 3, 2012

Wet n Wild Sparkle 'Til Morning 8-pan Palette Swatches

I've had the three limited edition Wet n Wild palettes from Walgreens sitting in a bag for the last month and I just found them over the weekend. Over the past month, I've still seen them here and there at various Walgreens so they might still be available.

I'm not a big fan of the left side of this palette. It's not nearly as pigmented as most of their eye shadows.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

November Likes and Dislikes

I took a little break from the internet for the past month, but now I'm back with my favorite products of the last month and the ones that I didn't like. I've been cleaning out my stash and have been trying some of the products I've had hidden away.



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