Friday, May 24, 2013

Limited Edition Rant

Yesterday, I went to the MAC counter to check out the Temperature Rising collection. I got there right as they opened at 10 with only two people there before me and they had sold out of some of the products before they even opened. How does that even happen? The employee said that other employees must have bought them. While I got the one thing that I was going to get anyway, it's really shitty that the counter didn't even get enough to sell on the release date.

MAC is the absolute worst about limited edition products. I mean, I understand limited editions. I collect more than makeup and everything has a limited edition... but usually people actually have a chance to get it. If you aren't on the website when products are first listed or at the store the moment it opens, you don't have a chance. I'm seriously close to not even bothering with MAC anymore.

And don't get me started on drugstore limited edition products. I've been trying to cut back on a lot of drugstore makeup spending, so the only things I've really been looking for are the few limited edition eye shadows that I wanted. While I found the summer Color Tattoos, I never found the spring Wet n Wild 8 pan palettes or the Summer L'oreal Infallible eye shadows. It's not just that they sold out before I had a chance to get them... they never had them at all. I'm practically tripping over limited edition nail polish, but the drugstores here just don't get all the eye shadow releases. I get that drugstores get to pick what they carry, but I feel like the brand websites should offer the limited edition products on their web stores.

I've been so frustrated with limited editions lately.


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